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For our individual and small to midsize business customers we offer the following products and services categories:
                                                                                                                        Windows Web Hosting

Platinum Package
Gold Package
Silver Package
Bronze Package

Why Cipher Solutions Hosting?

Cipher Solutions Hosting solutions offer your business a scalable, reliable solution that offers unique flexibility and control and will grow as your business grows. And keep in mind that our many small business customers are confident in knowing that Cipher Solutions has the right Hosting solution at the right price.

Windows Server 2003 Hosting Plans

Get the power of Windows Server 2003, with unique advanced features,  including .NET Framework support.

All of Cipher Solutions Web hosting plans offers you:



Get started quickly.



Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.



Your files are secure with us.


Data integrity:

Backups protecting your files from loss or corruption.



Your pages come up quickly for your visitors.



You can upgrade your account as you grow.



Useful answers to your questions.



You can easily change your page design or database entries.



Web Traffic Reporting - You get critical statistics about  traffic and the success of your Web pages through Web log analyzers like Webalizer



Accessible from your own desktop e-mail client.


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