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Cipher Solutions is pleased to offer flexible support services that complement your technical business needs through various levels of support. These support services are designed to give you the flexibility to select the level of support necessary to maintain and enhance your network that will result in significant contributions to your company’s success.

Cipher Solutions Support
Our support agreement provides our customers with a post sale support. The Network
and Hardware Service Agreement covers phone support and on-site support to resolve all network user related issues.

Cipher Solutions Network Support Services
We provide a full turnkey solution for computer networks. We will provide all the services needed to ensure that you receive the best performance from your network. We have experienced system engineers to support and consult all your networking needs.

Cipher Solutions Hardware Support
We have experienced personnel to support you network both software and hardware. We have computer access to suppliers and manufacture organizations for the latest troubleshooting reports and software updates. Our advance network labs allow our engineers to simulate current problems.

Cipher Solutions provides you with complete solutions in all aspects of hardware and networking to keep your business up-and-running and will make sure you can put the focus back on your business So you can avoid having one company to maintain your PC's and file servers and another to maintain your network infrastructure.

In our support section, we offer the following services:

Phone Support
For our members and block hour service customers, any phone support that takes less than 15 minutes won't be billed to your account.
We are there for you when you need a quick question answered or a problem solved.

On Call Service
This is the basic service without a contract. When you call our office a specialist is dispatched at the earliest time available.

Block Hour Service
This is our most widely used service contract available. Block hour contracts allow you to purchase service time from us in units of 10 to 30 hours per month at a time.
These hours can be used at any time within one month of the date of purchase. The benefit to you is that these hours are priced at a preferred rate and come with a guaranteed response time of 2 hours, Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
In addition you can rest assured that if there is a problem at your site all you have to do is pick up the phone and call. You can even pre-schedule evening and weekend appointments with no increase in rate.

Standby Service Contract
If your business has a requirement to operate 7 days a week or beyond 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, this contract will allow you to have support "standing by" 7 days a week at any time.
With a cell number in hand you can feel safe that someone is
"standing by"
in case anything were happen.


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