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Cipher Solutions specializes in design, installation, and maintenance of cross platform network integration and interoperability that connect inter/intra organizations.

Cipher's highly trained and skilled systems engineers know how to implement the most appropriate and complete network infrastructure and security solutions for any organization. We also work closely with the best industry vendors to integrate their products and services into our company.

Our networking segment includes the following steps:

Feasibility study
Planning the network architecture based on the company’s physical and geographical  situation
Designing the network infrastructure based on the number and location of the computers and users in the network
Implementation of the network including:

Cables installation
Wireless/Wired Hub/Switch/Router setup and configuration
Server(s) setup and configuration according to the server’s operating system requirement.
Configuring and connecting workstations, printers and other peripherals to the network
Creating and configuring user accounts according to the company’s needs.

Managing the network including:

  Managing user accounts permissions according to everyone’s position in the company
  Managing files and folders in the network based on the company’s security policies
  Managing software installation deployment in the network

Planning and implementing backup and recovery systems
Setup and configuration of virus protection software
Training sessions in different levels for operators, power users, and administrator(s) of the network

Additional Tasks:

Setup and Configuring VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Setup and Configuring RAS (Remote Access Services)
Internet Connectivity and Sharing
Cross Platform integration and Interoperability


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